The best herbal tea flavour ever!

Licorice tea

Someone gave me a sachet of Stash’s Licorice Spice herbal tea. The scent that wafted up from the cup as I poured the hot water in was so invigorating and soothing at same time. Then I took a sip… and my mind was blown!

It tastes like pleasant tasting plain water (you know what I mean, sometimes tap water can taste weird) at first, then out of nowhere — like a surprise kiss from your loved one for no reason at all — the taste of SWEET licorice grazes the back of your throat. I usually put tons of sugar in my tea but with this licorice tea I don’t need it at all! The sweetness doesn’t attack your tongue. It lingers on in the back of your throat.

I do have to say this though: if you are not a fan of licorice, you probably won’t like the fact that it lingers, no matter how sweet it may be.

I love love love this tea! And the friend who gave it to me said that  Yogi’s Egyptian Licorice tea is even better! The sweetness of the licorice is even more outstanding. Its a pity that its not available in Singapore. If I ever travel anywhere that sells it, I’m getting a suitcase full! Who needs new clothes?!

Yogi's Egyptian Licorice herbal tea


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